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Heavy Marine Splicing

Near Botwood, NF in Aug 1997
Replica of John Cabot`s Matthew

The "HECTOR" docked at Pictou, NS
Replica of a ship that brought the first Scots to NS

Rare Molded Blue Hull CS 40
Showboat for CS 1990 loaded in CS yard, Brampton, Ont.

Hughes Columbia 8.7 at Moores Cove
Yates Mobile repairing Lifelines at Dockside

Dr Sheldon`s boat back for more Lifelines
July 4, 2012 at Moores` Cove

J J Taylor Contessa 26 at Lewisporte Marina
Canadian build pocket cruiser built for ocean sailing

Maltilda 20 Sailing at Lewisporte
Pocket Cruiser built in Canada by Ouyang in 1974

Ready for the Truck, Inside CS Yard 1989
Our Special Green Merlin and a CS 30

CS 34 original Sept 1989
Empty Hull without interior

CS 34 at the 1990 Sept. Boatshow
Finished boat, not like the one above.

Launching Day in Portugal Cove
Beginning trip to the water

The big Day
36 ft. Wooden Classic

Cutting rigging to fit with masts standing in Boat
Swaging with Kearney Machine on board 1995

"Free At Last " from Toronto docked in the Azores
Getting ready for another year of sailing in Europe

On Dec 3 2006, John Emomd sailing the boat above left the Canary Islands to sail back across the South Atlantic to Trinidad.
Not sure of the exact route but he expects to spend Christmas at sea alone.
If he sails to the Cape Verde Islands it is a 900 mile sail before a few days rest and then about 2000 miles to South America. The direct route is over 2500 miles till he arrives in Trinidad and he expects to fly to Toronto for the Boat Show in January of 2007.
The boat he is sailing, he built himself and sailed it to home to Holland in 2003. Last winter it was pulled out in the Azores while he was here back in Canada. The boat is 34 feet, built in steel in Newmarket, Ont. I made the original wire to rope halyards for Free at Last in 1998 and last winter I repaired two that had been damaged when he had problems with his masthead sheaves. He brought them back and forth on the plane while his boat was hauled out across the pond.
Good luck to John and I will post any news here if he gets back to land to email me of his progress like if he decides to land in Cape Verde instead of using the longer direct route.
News! He made it across and now is in Tobago, more to follow later, he landed there on New Years Day....

UPDATE--- Jan. 30, 2008
John is about to set out for another voyage on board Free at Last. Not sure if he will sail back up North to Halifax or take a turn and head back to the Azores and from there home again to Holland.
Update--- May 1, 2009
Free at Last stayed on this side of the ocean and in 2008 made its way to Halifax.
All winter of 2009 the boat has been staying at the Dartmouth Yacht Club. At this time John is getting ready to sail back to Holland and I think trade her in for a new bigger boat. Should be leaving Halifax in June and heading west again. Not sure if he will have any crew this time for the crossing. Azores, here he comes again!

FREE AT LAST hauled out in Lisbon
34 ft. Steel Boat now FOR SALE IN Portugal

For more information on "FREE AT LAST" For Sale, email John Emond by clicking on this Link.

Building the new FAL2
Welding together a new boat in Markham, Ont.

Dutch Design, 34 ft Steel sloop
Buiding a new FAL

Stern of FAL2 under construction
John Emond, the builder, shown with old Fal above...

Boats at the Lewisporte Marina
Launching time in a week or two, May 2011

Stryder in the RCYC regatta in July 2012
Race winning J35 from Alexandria Yacht Club, Toronto



Race winning J35 from Alexandria Yacht Club, Toronto

Toronto`s own Tallship
Empire Sandy leaving the Western Gap

Training Vessel Pathfinder on Lake Ontario

Peterson 41 Built by Andy Wiggers in 1981
Canada`s Cup Winner Coug home at CBYC

Fred Guptill`s CS 36T moored in Fortune Hr.
Resting for the night from his sail around the rock. Click on picture to enlarge

CS 36T Main Halyard 2014
Available with nicopress and thimble shipped loose to install your Shackle.

Puddester`s Roberts 56 on maiden voyage
Sailing outside St. John`s Harbour 1993

Mirage 27.5 from Port Credit in Port of Havana
Running Rigging and Docklines by YCR.

NFLD Flag flies every day at CBYC in Toronto, Ont
CBYC Clubhouse at Bluffers Park on Lake Ontario

Steve Killing`s Classic---- Express 35
Light, Beautiful and Very Fast.

SATURNA 33 Double ender pilothouse
Soon to be built by Yates Boatbuilding Int. in NL.

The Saturna 33 Molds have found a new home in Springdale NL. and the first hull will be laid up  in Fall 2012. This classic boat by William Garden has be built by several builders since it started out in BC. Finally it has arrived at Yates Buildbuilding Int.   Visit www.oceanfisher.com             Or for more info call George Yates at 709 673 4253 

Saturna 33 hull built in 2012
Want to build your own motorsailer?

That double ender look.....
Click on picture to enlarge

Phantom docked in Oakville ready to go South
66 ft sloop owned by Ralph Rider

Sailing a C & C 66 out of Oakville
Shakedown sail for Phantom

Flying one of the worlds largest spinackers
Only your Phantom knows for Sure!

One of three built about 1972
C&C Custom 50

A day at Bronte Hr. with EB Bruckmann 1970
Yacht build for customer in USA. Gurney design

This boat built by Bruckmann in 1979
Landfall 42----- Spending the night at Fred Penney`s

Adanac 2 sails again in 2011, Lewisporte, NL
Launching day in Lewisporte, Aug 6, 2011

Canada 1 in Port Credit

True North in Halifax

Lots of J24s at the TPI Plant, Fall River, MA 1978
4 -- J24`s per day, Always one waiting for lifelines!

My time as a Rigger for Whitby Boat Works

Memories of the old days working on a boat in Whitby Hr. This picture goes back almost 40 years to 1974 when I was just a young lad trying to carve out a living in the big city of TO. Some of the people are with the big guy that owns the boat from New York City. Boat was a Whitby 42 and we are putting it together for its first sail on Lake Ontario before it motored down the New York State Barge Canal all the way to Manhatten.

C&C 46 Dynamo, later renamed Adanac
Waiting for a travel lift in Lewisporte, NL. since May 2007

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Main and Jib Halyards for CS 27
Custom made, March 31, 2012

Halyards, Halyards and more Halyards
10 from our standard stock

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